Fictional politics, inspired by Owen Jones

Yesterday, reading the introduction of «The Establishment» by Owen Jones I learned different concepts and words about politics. I was feeling so excited during the learning process that I decided to put down some words…

The new government brought all the citizens to heel, as its members’ mindset was forged in autocracy. Besides, some members even supported cover-ups of serious crimes. For people from the Middle Ages, this behaviour could be considered as normal, but in hindsight, it is surely unacceptable. Ever since the government implemented the heavy-handed rule, the liberal policies were on the ascendancy. At the time, most citizens started to beset the government policies. Even some stated that the felt misty-eyed, missing previous government’s policies. Among the more radical opponents, there was a group that besieged government’s buildings. They considered themselves to be in a hellhole, regarding the newer government policies. The previously advocates of this government had their excitement sapped, feeling their own plight and dreary life. Suddenly, newer and more flexible policies cropped up by the government, seeking to redress the balance. Nonetheless, those at the bottom of the pecking order were so disillusioned with the government that started to work hand in glove with existing terrorists. Writers and intellectuals that had supported the government started penning against it, even vilifying it. In response, the government on its own accord overrode those intellectuals’ authority. Even within the government, some members started to resent from the harshest policies.

In the following elections, even though the government used gerrymandering, the result was a hung Parliament, thereby provoking an increasing political instability in the country, to the detriment of the economy, albeit some lobbies saw its profits to increase, trousering even more wealth.

On the other hand, an increasing number of squatters started to spread all over the country, which wholeheartedly were struggling for their lives. Their vindication was to have just a decent place to live. However, the government belittled their vindications once again. It seemed that the government only had in mind a unique roadmap: destroying the country. The contempt felt by the insurgency against the government was not far-fetched. They had nothing to lose because the government robbed their properties lock, stock and barrel. Including, the international community started to consider the government policies as a simple patchwork. The government started to worry because its own stability could be imperilled by the outside world.

Finally, the government abandoned its own deceits and reconsidered the situation. Again, they fostered the more flexible policies so as to redress the balance. In this sense, the people at the bottom of the pecking order could claw back their lives. The cabinet was revamped and the new one clamped down on autocratic policies. Nonetheless, the political support of the government was still at low ebb and the political power was becoming increasingly untenable. Here is the rub: people hated the government. The support for anarchism movement trebled in the last few months. The terrorist movement seized the opportunity when the prime minister was embroiled in a discussion in the street, and they assassinated him.

The hatred for any form of government was entrenched after the incident and the society was firmly anarchist at the time. Strikingly, it seemed that the own government had rigged in the situation: it was an absolute muddle. The previous government members would be relished: the society was destroyed although government opponents were emboldened. Even Russian officials were weaving a plan to wield the country’s powers. In this sense, it can be said that the government itself shovelled political clout to their rivals: the Russian government. Sooner or later, Russian officials would start to draw up the country’s laws. “But first, the Russian government would need to hire their own outriders who can protect their legitimacy”, a terrorist quipped.

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